How to Donate

We make giving easy!

At PPFA, we know there are many worthy causes out there and it can be hard to decide just where and how to give. By pooling donations made to PPFA and directing them to various community organizations, we provide an easy way of simultaneously aiding causes without having to select a single one. Our goal is holistic, emphasizing the importance and ease of giving as a way to build up healthy and caring communities.

In Person

Please contact us via email at to make arrangements for pick up/drop off of your donation. Make sure to include your name and the best method of contacting you in your email. If you wish to send us a donation, please do so using a cheque or money order made out to “Priceless Pennies Fundraising Association.” and email us for the mailing address. We do not recommend that you send coins by mail.

PPFA Donation Tin

Tin GoalsIf you, as a donor, wish to take more of an active role in your community, a PPFA Donation Tin is the way to go! Many donors have already signed for Donation Tins that they either leave on their desk at work or at home, as it makes it easier to collect donations from the community and creates awareness of PPFA’s goals (listed on the Donation Tins themselves).

PPFA Tin FrontIn order to obtain a PPFA Tin for yourself, or return your full one, please email with your request and contact information. (If you are able to donate collection boxes / donation tins or know someone who could, please contact Brian at


Green Initiative!

The vast majority of non-profit and charitable organizations out there help fulfill their goals through fund raising and financial donations. Although PPFA does rely on that aspect, we do not want to make it our only fundraising avenue to aid the communities we support.
Thus PPFA has a “Green” initiative! We know that frequently there are unused items out there collecting dust in people’s homes. To illustrate how effective this method can be: The “Green” initiative began with PPFA getting to know the communities it is a part of over the years and in 2009, we became aware of an ‘at risk’ youth shelter for 14-24 year old boys living in a house where their only computer had died. They needed a replacement that didn’t have to be brand new; it just had to work. Through PPFA’s network of Ontario communities, we were able to find all of the necessary components and deliver a full desktop computer system within a week’s time.
This initiative of PPFA involves collecting useful items that people would otherwise discard, such as: computer components, microwaves, puzzles, clothing, shoes, books, etc. and finding deserving recipients for these reusable goods. Contact us at and tell us what you have to donate so we can work on brightening up someone else’s world!


PPFA accepts PayPal and all major Credit Cards through PayPal. In order to use this feature, please click on the “Donate” button on the right sidebar near the top. For any inquiries regarding this feature please email us at We request that donations through PayPal exceed $2.00 in order to offset the fees PPFA incurs with each electronic transfer.

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